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Deion Sanders Is On FIRE!

Deion Sanders Is On FIRE!

Deion Sanders has made quite a splash since being named head coach at Colorado.

Recruiting has skyrocketed.

And now it’s more than apparent that fan excitement has skyrocketed as well. 

To put it in perspective – a lot of programs offer free admission for their spring game – but for the first time ever, Colorado is selling tickets for their upcoming spring game.

And yet, they have already sold just about the same number of tickets for this April’s game (30,013) as they have over the last seven years COMBINED (30,450).

To take it a step further, last year’s free-of-charge spring game attracted just 1,950 fans.

It remains to be seen if Coach Prime can win games at the Power 5 level – But one thing we do know is he can sure create excitement and put butts in seats…

The college football world reacted to the impressive news…



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