Deion Sanders Addresses All The Rumors About His Future In The Strongest Way Imaginable … But Do You Believe Him??

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has put an end to swirling speculations about his coaching future by making a firm commitment to the Buffaloes.

Speaking to Savannah Sellers, Coach Prime addressed the rumors head-on, stating unequivocally: “I love Boulder, Colorado and Colorado. I’m not chasing finances. I’m not chasing the bag. I’m not chasing notoriety. I’m not chasing hype. I love what I do and I do what I love, and I love Boulder, Colorado.”

“I don’t plan on being anywhere else in my coaching career. It is my desire to one day retire, and just walk off… not walk off – I want to ride off on a white horse with a black hat in the sunset in Boulder, Colorado.”

“Winning a championship … Championships. Plural. That’s what I want to do,” he said.

Now, whether you actually believe Sanders is going to stay at Colorado for the rest of his coaching career is up to you … But if your gut tells you he’ll eventually move on to at least a bigger program, just know that you’re not alone.

Regardless, his commitment to Colorado will certainly help his shaky recruiting situation.

Sanders has seen several players leave the program for the transfer portal, and a high school players decommit … However, his strong words about his future intentions are helping to stabilize the situation. 

What are your thoughts on Coach Prime?

Do you actually think he’s going to stay at Colorado for the duration of his coaching career?

The Buffs had a miserable ending to their season … Looking ahead to 2024 and the likely return of quarterback Shedeur Sanders, what will you be expecting out of Prime and Colorado next season???