Danny Kanell Makes Daring Prediction for College Football Playoff

The college football season is just around the corner, and everyone’s making their guesses. Danny Kanell, a college football expert, is no exception and he’s made quite the bold claim for 2023.

In his “13 thoughts”, Kanell suggested that two teams from the ACC will make it to the College Football Playoff.

On paper, this seems plausible. Both Florida State and Clemson are starting the season ranked in the top 10, suggesting they both have a shot at the playoff.

However, there are several strong teams they’ll need to outperform, some of whom have tougher schedules which might make them more appealing to the selection committee.

Historically, when it comes to the playoff, the ACC has mostly been represented by either Clemson or Florida State. These two teams seem to be the conference’s best shot again.

A big moment for Florida State will be their Week 1 game against LSU. If they show their strength against such a high-ranked team, it could sway opinions about their standing among the best in the country.

Only time will tell if Kanell’s forecast will hold up.