Dan Campbell Admits His ONE Regret From Detroit’s Title Game Collapse & It’s NOT The One You’re Thinking … Are The Lions One-Hit Wonders??

Detroit head coach Dan Campbell is still drowning in criticism for the Lions collapse in last Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Lions were a feel-good story and the majority of the country wanted to see them beat the favored-Niners and make it to the Super Bowl … What a great story that would have been.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, Detroit blew a 17-point lead and saw their dreams turn into a nightmare.

One of the biggest reasons for the Lions loss was Campbell’s decision to go-for-it on not one but two crucial fourth-downs … As you know, they failed to convert either one of them.

While supporters of the decisions point to the fact that it’s that same aggressive approach which got Campbell and the Lions to that point – many people feel there is a fine line between aggressive and reckless, especially in the playoffs.

Campbell is not one for regrets … He is the most authentic coach in the league. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he is more than willing to live and die with his gut-instincts.

However, he did admit that he regrets one thing about the loss to the 49ers…

No, it’s not either one of the fourth-down attempts … It’s the decision to run the ball on the crucial third-and-goal play when the Lions were down 10 and the clock was the biggest enemy.

“Look, the easy thing to do is to throw it … Probably should’ve been the right thing, but for me, I wanted to run it. I thought we would just pop it. We had just (run the 2-minute offense) all the way down the field, throwing the football, and they were in a four-down front, and I believed we’d walk right in,” he said.

“We just missed a block. So then, yeah, I’ve got to use a timeout. So, hindsight, throw it four times. But I believed in that moment it was going to be a walk-and-run, and it didn’t work out. So, I gambled and lost.”

Of course, it’s easy to look back and Monday morning quarterback the decision. As Campbell said, he truly thought they would score on the play. However, they didn’t, and the consequence was massive.

Not to excuse it, but the Lions were in quite a desperate situation and needed a miracle to come back. It’s not like it was a one-score game and Campbell’s decision directly cost them the game.

What are your thoughts on Campbell’s aggressive approach?

Should he have kicked the field goal on one (or both) of those fourth-downs?

Looking at the big picture, what do the Lions need to do to improve this offseason?

Will they make it back to the NFC Championship Game? … Or will they prove to be one-hit wonders???