Dak Prescott Set To Make NFL History With His Next Contract

Dak Prescott is not only steering the Cowboys towards their first Super Bowl in nearly three decades but is also setting himself up for a monumental contract in the process.

According to Ari Meirov from the 33rd Team, Prescott could potentially secure an unprecedented $60 million salary, a figure yet to be seen in the NFL.

Meirov pointed out that because Prescott has been franchise-tagged twice before, his tag number for 2025 would necessitate a significant 44 percent increase from the cap number in the final year of his deal. Essentially, this means he’s virtually exempt from getting tagged again, guaranteeing his free agency in 2025, akin to having a no-tag clause.

Currently, Prescott carries an immense cap hit of $59.4 million for the 2024 season. The Cowboys have the option to reduce this figure by extending his contract. However, with the team’s limited bargaining power in this scenario, Prescott’s prospects of becoming the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback are looking brighter than ever.

Prescott’s performance this season has been nothing short of remarkable. He boasts a completion rate of 69.3 percent, accumulating 3,505 passing yards with 28 touchdowns and a mere six interceptions. As a result, he stands as the frontrunner for the coveted MVP title.

Should Prescott guide the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory this season, the team’s front office will have no alternative but to open the checkbook and offer him a deal that reflects his exceptional contributions to the franchise.