Dak Prescott Blames Receivers For Interception Struggles: Is He Right Or Wrong??

After a rough 2022 season, plagued by injuries and a startling number of interceptions, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is determined to turn things around.

Prescott, who threw 15 interceptions last year, has set a bold prediction for the upcoming 2023 NFL season.

During a recent interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Prescott confidently stated, “I won’t have 10 interceptions this year.” Given his history of struggling with interceptions, this prediction might raise some eyebrows.

Over the past six seasons, Prescott has thrown at least 10 interceptions four times and was on pace for 13 interceptions in 2020 before an ankle fracture ended his season prematurely.

The quarterback acknowledges the interception issue and believes the change in play-calling will play a significant role in reducing the turnovers.

With head coach Mike McCarthy taking over the play-calling duties, Prescott believes the offense, especially the receivers, will benefit greatly. “Mike does an amazing job with those guys. They know where to be, why to be, when they’re getting looked at. That’s going to be a big jump,” he said.

You have to love Dak’s confidence. However, he made one comment in particular that caused great concerned.

“I know who I am. And you can go back and take away half of those off drops. I’m not saying it’s on the receiver, but if you cut that in half then we start talking about those, nobody is talking about it.”

Prescott has been nothing short of a great leader and team-first guy his entire career, so I’m sure those words didn’t come out exactly how he planned.

Regardless, he knows he’s entering an extremely important 2023 season as questions and doubts continue to hover.. Will he ever be able to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

The addition of veteran receiver Brandin Cooks to the offense is expected to be a valuable asset in opening up the passing game. The team believes that with the right support and an improved connection with his receivers, Prescott can achieve his interception-reduction goal.

Approaching his 30th birthday on July 29, Prescott feels an increasing sense of urgency to win. Despite a relatively stacked Cowboys roster, he knows that time is of the essence in his football career.

“Understanding injuries and what I’ve been through throughout my career and understanding that you don’t have forever to play this game. I’m blessed for every moment that I get. Just trying to take it with a sense of urgency,” he explained.

To Cowboy fans: Are you annoyed that Prescott seemingly threw his receivers under the bus? Or are his words being taken a little too literal?

Regardless, will Dak ever be able to truly take the next step and lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?