D-Backs Star: We Had Team Meeting To Discuss Tim Anderson Fight & What We’d Do

Last week, baseball fans were treated to a shocking scene as Tim Anderson and José Ramirez engaged in a fistfight just steps behind second base.

Needless to say, the unforgettable brawl quickly went viral. It’s rare that you see two players actually square up in baseball, but that’s what Anderson and Ramirez did. 

Apparently, the incident left many players throughout the league wondering: “What would we do if we were ever in that situation?”

On the “On Base With Mookie Betts” podcast, Arizona Diamondbacks star Corbin Carroll spoke to Betts about the situation.

Carroll provided a glimpse into how the Diamondbacks would handle a similar situation and admitted that the team held a players-only meeting to discuss the matter.

“Basically, we said that if someone gets knocked out on the field, there is no way that there is nothing thrown after that,” Carroll said.

The rookie outfielder didn’t stop there. Carroll went on to emphasize the sense of camaraderie among teammates, stating: “You gotta protect your boy, right?”

Betts immediately chimed in with agreement, affirming: “(Yes,) you gotta protect your boy.”

Ironically, this exchange carries a twist of fate within it – the Diamondbacks have been at the center of one of the most memorable brawls in MLB history.

The epic clash unfolded against their arch-rivals from the NL West, none other than the Los Angeles Dodgers, the very team Mookie Betts now plays for.

In 2013, tensions flared when Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy targeted Yasiel Puig and Zack Greinke with fastballs, plunking both players in the same game.

This led to both benches clearing and punches being exchanged, resulting in the ejection of six players.

The Diamondbacks past experience has paved the way for a comprehensive game plan should a similar volatile scenario unfold once again.

Their proactive approach reflects a commitment to maintaining order and protecting their teammates, ensuring that history does not repeat itself in an unpredictable situation where emotions can run high.

What were your thoughts on the Anderson-Ramirez fight?

What’s the best baseball brawl you’ve ever seen?