Cubs Skipper David Ross Apologizes To Pirates Manager For Bashing His Team

Chicago Cubs manager David Ross reached out to Pittsburgh Pirates skipper Derek Shelton on Friday night to address recent comments that raised eyebrows in the baseball world.

The exchange came in the wake of a three-game series between the two teams, which concluded with the Pirates winning two out of three games against the contending Cubs.

After the Pirates secured an 8-6 victory on Thursday at Wrigley Field, Ross made a statement that drew attention. He remarked, “That’s not a good team that just took two out of three from us – or not our caliber team, I believe.”

Shelton, upon hearing Ross’ comment, responded by calling it “unfortunate.”

Speaking to reporters before Saturday’s game against the Colorado Rockies, Ross shed light on his conversation with Shelton: “I texted Shelton last night, like, ‘Hey, just frustrated after a game.’ I’ve got a ton of respect for every team we play, not just Pittsburgh. Every team can win. I thought I corrected myself within the context of talking to you guys.”

Ross clarified that his comments were more about how his team had performed against Pittsburgh this year rather than an overall evaluation of the Pirates’ abilities.

“I think Derek and that crew over there has done a really nice job,” Ross emphasized. “Part of this job is recognizing that you’re not always going to be perfect in these meetings, and sometimes after a game, postgame, you’re going to say things that probably don’t come out the right way.”

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