Corey Seager Delivers a Record-Breaking Performance as a Shortstop

Shohei Ohtani’s outstanding skills have overshadowed the race for the AL MVP title. But it’s not his fault, given his rare and commendable talent. There’s no doubt he’ll win the AL MVP, and it’s well-deserved. However, because of his unmatched skills, many have overlooked some outstanding performances this year, especially Corey Seager’s remarkable season.

Many don’t realize how good Corey Seager is. Even though he has been part of successful teams, shown great moments in key games, and joined All-Star teams multiple times, he might not seem as eye-catching as some big names. But in reality, he’s the top player in his position. Although he’s played only eighty-four games this year, his achievements are notable. Despite missing many games, he’s leading in offensive achievements, as per baseball reference.

Currently, Seager’s performance measure, known as OPS, stands at an impressive 1.071. Looking back through records since 1970, no one in his position has achieved a higher OPS in a single season. Alex Rodriguez was close in 1996, but there might be some reasons behind his performance that year. Seager’s current team, Texas, provides an excellent environment, giving him the right opportunities to excel.

Recently, when the baseball authorities decided to ban a specific defensive tactic, many were unsure about it. Watching the game this year, I feel this change is beneficial. Seager’s performance is a great example. He has a natural talent to hit the ball in various directions. Yet, many times in previous seasons, his hits were stopped because of this defensive tactic. It’s clear that without this, his performance has improved significantly. While some might argue to change the hitting style, it’s not always feasible. Sometimes, it’s best to go with a straightforward approach. This season, without those defensive barriers, Seager shines even more.

However, Seager and his team, the Rangers, have a challenge ahead. They’re going through a tough time with several losses, and with strong teams like the previous champions and the in-form Mariners close behind, they need to stay at their best. For the MVP race, Seager might settle for second best, but given his performance, it’s still a commendable position. He truly stands out this season.