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Controversial Champion Coach Rumored To Want Northwestern Job

Controversial Champion Coach Rumored To Want Northwestern Job

Former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron is reportedly considering a surprising career move, as rumors circulate that he may very well be interested in taking over for the fired Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern.

Reports have indicated that Orgeron “would have interest” in the vacant position at Northwestern, according to SB Nation’s InsideNU.com.

However, it should be noted that the Wildcats have not yet made any formal contact with the seasoned coach regarding the opening.

As a matter of fact, The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman said there’s “no truth to the report” after claiming to speak to Orgeron directly.

Orgeron, renowned for leading LSU to a national title in 2019, where he coached one of the most dominant teams in modern college football history, has experienced a decline in his stock in recent years.

The subsequent seasons did not live up to expectations, leading to his dismissal just before the Tigers’ 2021 bowl game.

While Coach O has been on a hiatus from coaching since his departure from LSU, he boasts an extensive and impressive resume, having held both head coaching and assistant roles at various levels, including college and professional football.

As of now, Northwestern is expected to proceed with David Braun as their interim coach for the upcoming season, with plans to expand their search for a permanent replacement at the conclusion of the year.

Only time will tell if the potential match between Orgeron and Northwestern will materialize into a coaching partnership.

Would Coach O be a good fit with the Wildcats?

Who do you think Northwestern should hire?



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