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Concern Grows Over Shohei Ohtani’s Elbow Injury: Impact on AL MVP Race

Concern Grows Over Shohei Ohtani’s Elbow Injury: Impact on AL MVP Race
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

In a concerning development for the runaway AL MVP candidate, Shohei Ohtani, it has been revealed that his elbow injury dates back further than initially believed.

During a press conference on Saturday afternoon, Los Angeles Angels’ General Manager Perry Minasian shed light on the situation. He disclosed that Ohtani had experienced a finger cramp and was offered imaging for it. However, Ohtani and his management declined the offer, believing it to be a minor issue.

A tweet from Jeff Fletcher (@JeffFletcherOCR) captured the moment:

It’s understandable that Ohtani passed on the imaging at that point, as cramps can often seem inconsequential. Worth noting is that the cramp occurred in Ohtani’s right hand, which is part of his throwing arm and the same arm in which he would later tear his UCL (ulnar collateral ligament).

While Ohtani’s pitching for the remainder of the season is ruled out due to the injury, he will continue to contribute as the Angels’ designated hitter. Ohtani’s competitive spirit compels him to seek opportunities to maintain his stellar performance in this remarkable season.

This season, Ohtani has displayed his versatility by excelling both as a pitcher, where he held a 10-5 record as the team’s starting pitcher, and as a batter, boasting a .305 batting average with an impressive 44 home runs. Although his value as a pitcher is undeniable, his prowess as a batter holds even greater significance. This situation may compel Ohtani to make a tough decision between focusing on his batting or undergoing offseason surgery to repair the UCL.

Regardless of the path he chooses, Ohtani remains the clear frontrunner for the AL MVP award. However, this injury development is an unfortunate twist in the midst of an extraordinary season.


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