“Complete FRAUD”: Paul Finebaum Reveals The One Undefeated Team That Has NO CHANCE To Win The Title

The number of undefeated teams remaining in college football is dwindling by the week. 

Of the remaining undefeated teams, it’s clear who the legitimate national championship contenders are. 

According to ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, you can scratch one unbeaten team off the list when it comes to the national title chase.

Appearing on the Matt Barrie Show, Finebaum said he’s seen enough of USC (their defense in particular) to know that they are going absolutely nowhere in the grand scheme of things.

“I think USC’s defense is a complete fraud,” Finebaum said. “I mean I was told this week by one of our data people how much better they are … They’re not.”

Finebaum continued, not mincing words: “USC is not winning the national championship. Let’s just get that established right now.”


USC head coach Lincoln Riley is renowned for being an offensive mastermind. Sure enough, reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and the Trojans offense have been explosive as expected.

However, the defense has been a complete disaster. 

“For Caleb Williams to do what he’s doing and have to sit there at the end of the game, against a team that they are superior to on every level, and have to hold on for an onside kick is absurd,” Finebaum said, referencing USC’s recent nail-biting victory over Colorado.

USC’s defensive struggles have been evident in several games this season. While the Trojans offense is one of the best in the country, Finebaum doesn’t think they can always bail out the defense. 

Do you agree that USC’s defense will ultimately hold them back from winning the national championship?

Can the unit be fixed in time? Or is it a lost cause like Finebaum thinks it is?