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Commissioner Manfred Admits Major Regret Over Astros Cheating Punishment

Commissioner Manfred Admits Major Regret Over Astros Cheating Punishment

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred expressed regret over the decision to grant players involved in the sign-stealing scandal immunity from punishment.

The scandal, which occurred during the offseason between the 2019 World Series and the 2020 season, shook the baseball world and tarnished the reputation of the Houston Astros and later the Boston Red Sox.

The sign-stealing scandal involved the use of electronic devices by the Astros and Red Sox to decode signs from opposing pitchers and catchers, which were then relayed to the hitters using illicit methods.

While traditional sign stealing has been a part of baseball for years, the introduction of electronic devices crossed a line and led to widespread condemnation.

During the fallout from the scandal, Commissioner Manfred and his investigative team decided to grant the players involved full immunity in exchange for providing confidential and truthful testimony.

However, Manfred now admits that he would have approached the situation differently if given the chance.

“I’m not sure that I would have approached it with giving players immunity,” said Commissioner Manfred in the interview. “Once we gave players immunity, it puts you in a box as to what exactly you were going to do in terms of punishment.”

“I might have gone about the investigative process without that grant of immunity and see where it takes us. Starting with, I’m not going to punish anybody, maybe not my best decision ever.”

The decision to grant immunity to players has been a subject of controversy and disappointment among fans. Many feel that the lack of player punishments left the issue unresolved and failed to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

The Astros players, in particular, have faced widespread criticism and hostility from opposing fans, enduring boos and other forms of fan backlash.

The absence of firm punishments for individual players has also made it difficult to ascertain the extent of each player’s involvement and knowledge in the sign-stealing scheme.

This ambiguity appears to be at the core of Commissioner Manfred’s regret.

As the league moves forward, it remains to be seen how the sign-stealing scandal and Commissioner Manfred’s regret will impact future decisions regarding player discipline and the preservation of the integrity of the game.



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