Colts Counter Packers’ Trade Offer for Jonathan Taylor with Surprising Package Demand

The Green Bay Packers reportedly made a significant trade proposal to the Indianapolis Colts for Jonathan Taylor.

Buzz suggests Green Bay proposed giving AJ Dillon and a 3rd round pick in exchange for the unhappy Running Back. Despite this tempting offer, the Colts apparently responded asking for Dillon, Christian Watson, and a 1st round pick. This made the Packers reconsider and question the Colts’ genuine interest in letting go of Taylor.

Although the Packers decided not to pursue further, the initial move shows their interest in enhancing their offense, especially with their new starting quarterback, Jordan Love. Even after parting ways with their longtime quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers still see a winning opportunity in the NFC North, especially with the Detroit Lions as a key competitor.

The Colts seem to be expecting a big return for Taylor, but the young player’s value doesn’t seem enough for them to agree to a maximum contract. At 24, Taylor is keen on a top-tier contract, but the Colts aren’t budging, leading to the current standoff.

Even though the Packers made a generous offer, the Colts’ hesitation suggests they might not be truly open to trading their young talent. It’s perplexing how they view him valuable enough for a high trade return, yet not deserving of a top salary. The right move would be either to agree to his salary demands or let him find a new team.