College Football Playoff Rankings: Ohio State Retains No. 1 Spot, Georgia At No. 2 In Latest Top 25 Poll

The second edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings for the 2023 season was released on Tuesday night, and the top four held firm with Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, and Florida State maintaining their positions as the primary teams. All of these teams are still undefeated. Moreover, the rest of the top eight teams retained their rankings from the previous week, as they all emerged victorious in their respective games last Saturday.

There was speculation that Georgia might claim the No. 1 spot, and Washington might jump to the No. 4 position due to the quality of their recent wins. However, the CFP Selection Committee stood by their rankings.

The Ohio State Buckeyes, having had a dominant start to the 2023 season with wins against Notre Dame and Penn State, remain at the top, aiming to secure a playoff appearance for the fourth time in the last five seasons. Historically, almost all teams ranked No. 1 in the initial CFP Rankings have eventually reached the four-team playoff, except for two instances (Mississippi State in 2014 and Tennessee in 2022).

The Bulldogs and Wolverines face their toughest challenges this weekend, as both have top-10 road matchups. Georgia faces No. 9 Ole Miss, while Michigan takes on No. 10 Penn State. On the other hand, Ohio State and Florida State face unranked opponents at home. The Buckeyes host Michigan State, while the Seminoles welcome rival Miami.

Just outside the top four are Washington, who remain undefeated, and Oregon, with one loss. These two teams will be looking to secure a playoff spot. The Huskies have the upper hand with a head-to-head victory over the Ducks earlier this season. Both teams are set to face tough opponents this Saturday, with Washington taking on No. 18 Utah and Oregon facing USC.

In contrast to the 2021 season when Cincinnati started at No. 6 in the CFP Rankings and eventually became the first Group of Five team to reach the playoff, the highest-ranked Group of Five program in this edition is Tulane at No. 23. While Tulane is unlikely to advance to the current playoff format, in the forthcoming expanded 12-team playoff set to be introduced in 2024, Tulane would be a strong contender as the highest-ranked potential Group of Five champion.

Here’s the complete College Football Playoff Rankings for November 7, with the original rankings:

1. Ohio State (9-0)
2. Georgia (9-0)
3. Michigan (9-0)
4. Florida State (9-0)
5. Washington (9-0)
6. Oregon (8-1)
7. Texas (8-1)
8. Alabama (8-1)
9. Ole Miss (8-1)
10. Penn State (8-1)
11. Louisville (8-1)
12. Oregon State (7-2)
13. Tennessee (7-2)
14. Missouri (7-2)
15. Oklahoma State (7-2)
16. Kansas (7-2)
17. Oklahoma (7-2)
18. Utah (7-2)
19. LSU (6-3)
20. Notre Dame (7-3)
21. Arizona (6-3)
22. Iowa (7-2)
23. Tulane (8-1)
24. North Carolina (7-2)
25. Kansas State (6-3)

It’s worth noting that while the committee’s latest rankings have added some clarity, changes may still be on the horizon as the college football season progresses.