Home NCAA Clemson LB Kicked Off Team For Allegedly Selling Locker Room Photos Of Teammates

Clemson LB Kicked Off Team For Allegedly Selling Locker Room Photos Of Teammates

Clemson LB Kicked Off Team For Allegedly Selling Locker Room Photos Of Teammates
(Source: Joshua S. Kelly / US PRESSWIRE)

The Clemson football program has taken the decision to dismiss one of its promising players, linebacker T.J. Dudley, following a troubling discovery.

The news came to light after Dudley was allegedly found to have shared unauthorized photos of his own teammates on an adult website, leading to immediate action by the university.

The revelation came from a Twitter account named “Beatin the Bookie,” which reported that Dudley had set up a profile on one of the most popular adult websites, Only Fans, and had shared pictures of his unsuspecting teammates from the Clemson locker room.

This inappropriate action quickly spread across social media, causing an uproar among the football world. 

Dudley, a four-star prospect, had shown great potential during his freshman year, making a significant impact on the Tigers defensive lineup. He was expected to play a crucial role in the upcoming season, but his irresponsible behavior has led to the end of his Tigers career.

“T.J. Dudley sold pictures via OnlyFans of unsuspecting teammates in the Clemson locker room…it didn’t go well with the team when they found out, he was then dismissed from the team,” the report from “Beatin the Bookie” stated.

Reacting to the situation, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney expressed his disappointment. He acknowledged Dudley’s talent and potential, lamenting the loss of a player who could have been a key contributor in the team’s success this year.

“It was a disappointing situation because he’s a good kid and a man,” Swinney stated. “He had a chance to be a great player for us this year, so that definitely hurts us. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve got rules, and sometimes it’s just best to get a fresh start. We wish him well.”

Dudley has since gone on to transfer to Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss Rebels.


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If the rumor is true, that’s quite a breach of trust by Dudley to say the least!



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