Clemson & Florida State LEAVING The ACC?!?

What was once considered the Power 5 in college football is quickly becoming the Power 2.

Through performance and aggression in realignment, the SEC and Big Ten have shaped themselves are clearly the strongest, healthiest and most powerful conferences in all of college football.

Two blue-blood programs have been watching all of this unfold and are getting antsy.

Florida State and Clemson have both grown worried and frustrated that their conference, the ACC, has and will continue to hold them back.

The two schools feel they are not getting the compensation they deserve – especially when they see the amount of money the other conferences are sharing with their schools thanks largely in part to massive television deals.

Florida State and Clemson want the ACC to up their compensation – or they want out.

Florida State athletic director Michael Alford was the first to speak out…

“At the end of the day for Florida State to compete nationally, something has to change moving forward,” Alford said.

Clemson then followed suit…

“In all candor, I put it as a need,” Clemson athletic director Graham Neff said. “We certainly recognize the investment that we’ve continued to make as an institution, in our community, in athletics, namely in football, which certainly drives a lot of value that is important from a television and revenue-generation standpoint. Is it time revenue distribution within conferences, or at least the ACC, is done differently? Yeah, I’ve been very active in those conversations within the league and continue to expect to take a leadership role in our desire for that to be a changed circumstance. Urgently.”

The main problem is the fact that the ACC’s television deal with Disney runs through 2036, so they are locked in – whereas the SEC and Big Ten just negotiated new deals that will pay their members in the neighborhood of $75 million each annually.

That’s a figure the ACC doesn’t come close to under the current contract, and Alford knows that creates quite the hurdle for Florida State (and Clemson)…

“At the end of the day, if something’s not done, we cannot be $30 million behind every year compared to our peers,” Alford said.

Florida State and/or Clemson may look to join another conference, but that will surely come with a hefty exit fee – predicted to be approximately $120 million, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The college football world reacted to the situation on social media…


“One thing to remember about the FSU/Clemson saber rattling. It’s one thing to get out of ACC deal. It’s another to assume Fox/ESPN are going to rip up current deals to pay them MORE in another conference. Those networks love cost certainty.”

Much Sound and Fury Signifying absolutely nothing. Since @theACC controls Florida State’s media rights for the next 13 yrs, they’re not going anywhere. Look how hard it was for Texas & OU to leave Big 12 with 4 years of rights remaining when they announced their @SEC move.”

“I don’t think the ACC can give them a bigger piece of the pie, but I do think the ACC can renegotiate with ESPN. No, ESPN won’t like that, but they also won’t like the current contract losing massive value to them if Clemson and FSU leave the ACC. Seems like the logical solution.”

“If I could have multiple pinned tweets, I’d pin this too. Since everything FSU and Clemson are ESPN + ACC tied, IMO, if either of those got out of the ACC before 2036, they will end up in the SEC. I’m perfectly fine with that too.”

“ACC without Clemson and FSU is the big east lmaooo lame asses.”

“If I was the ACC and FSU and Clemson were to leave (don’t think it happens for a while) my top 5 to replace them would be 1. West Virginia 2. USF 3. UConn 4. Memphis 5. Temple Notre Dame would obviously be 1 but I think they go to the B1G if they ever stop being an independent.”

So the #Pac12‘s “Four Corners” schools now have a sense of urgency, if they’re going to leave the #Pac12, because the #ACC may fall apart even sooner than anticipated if #Clemson and #FSU leave due to revenue disparity.”

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports posted a detailed breakdown of the different television deals…

“Coach Cristobal when FSU, Clemson, and UNC are out of the league and they finally have a shot at winning the ACC.”