Home MLB Christian Yelich Pisses Off Brewer Fans (& Competitors Everywhere) With Brutally Low Standards

Christian Yelich Pisses Off Brewer Fans (& Competitors Everywhere) With Brutally Low Standards

Christian Yelich Pisses Off Brewer Fans (& Competitors Everywhere) With Brutally Low Standards
(Credit: Harry How / Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Brewers entered the postseason with hopes of making a deep run.

Finishing the regular season with a 92-70 record, they played hosts to the 84-78 Arizona Diamonds in the best-of-three Wild Card round.

We all know how that turned out … The Brewers were swept in embarrassing fashion and watched as the feisty Diamondbacks celebrated all over their field.

It was yet another failed season for the Brewers.

However, star outfielder Christian Yelich didn’t exactly see it that way. 

Reflecting on the season after the disappointing playoff exit, Yelich claimed the team’s consistent success in the regular season is something to be proud of…

“You don’t ever want to lose sight of what this team has been able to accomplish the last five or six years,” Yelich said. “We haven’t been able to take it the whole way and win a championship, but being in a small market and being a consistent winner … is tough to do.”

While it’s true that the Brewers aren’t big-time spenders as an organization, they certainly have a team that’s talented enough to make it out of a Wild Card series in which they had home-field advantage in. 

Regular season success is great, but we all know it’s all about October.

Patting yourselves on the back for regular season success is a bad look when you’ve yet to succeed in the postseason.

I’m not trying to make it sound like Yelich was throwing a parade or anything, but that type of attitude sets a bad precedent for the team. 

While the Brewers are already shifting their focus to the 2024 season, fans are left with a bitter taste after the disastrous playoff sweep.

To Yelich’s point, hopefully ownership invests more in the club in the offseason – because “regular season good” is not good enough.

What do you think about Yelich’s comments?



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