Chiefs’ Decision Could Cost Chris Jones a Hefty $2.2 Million

Chris Jones and the Kansas City Chiefs seem to be at a standstill regarding a new contract. News broke on Tuesday that the Chiefs have listed Jones, a standout player with four Pro Bowl appearances, as not having shown up for team activities.

This move could mean that the Chiefs can hold back more of Jones’ game payments if they decide to use a specific exemption. This could potentially lead to Jones losing an extra $2 million, adding to the close to $2 million in fines he’s already facing, as mentioned by Albert Breer from MMQB.

While Jones is listed this way, he won’t be included in the team’s main 53-player list, and his substantial $19.5 million salary won’t be part of the team’s budget.

Jones has been missing from team activities during the off-season and preseason, likely hoping for a better contract deal. His current contract will end after this playing season.

Fans are eager to see Jones, a key player in the team’s defense, back in action. With his help in recent years, the team’s defense has significantly improved while other star players shine in the offense.

As the new season is about to start, the tension between Jones and the Chiefs is intensifying.

The Chiefs will play their first game of the season at home against the Detroit Lions on September 7.