CFB Coaches On The Hottest Of Seats Entering 2023 Season

In the wake of several prominent college football head coaches losing their jobs last season, the pressure is on for many coaches as they enter the 2023 season.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd released his annual “Hot Seat Rankings” – ranking each FBS coach on a scale of 0-5 based on their job security, with three in particular facing the hottest of seats.

Among the coaches receiving a five on the hot seat scale are Tom Allen of Indiana, Danny Gonzales of New Mexico, and Neal Brown of West Virginia. These coaches will have to navigate a crucial season ahead to secure their positions going forward.

Tom Allen, who has been at the helm of the Indiana Hoosiers, finds himself in a precarious position. With a record of 6-18 and only two Big Ten wins over the past two seasons, Allen’s ability to orchestrate a swift turnaround is crucial.

Dennis Dodd highlighted the pressure on Allen, stating, “That is the definition of a hot seat, especially with the Big Ten changing before our eyes. The Hoosiers need to be entertaining, they need to score, and they need to win right now.”

Danny Gonzales, who took charge of New Mexico in 2020, faces a similar situation. With a lackluster record of 7-24 since his appointment, questions arise regarding the program’s willingness to pay off the remainder of Gonzales’ contract and explore other coaching options.

Dodd emphasized this issue, stating, “By now, Gonzales should either have an extension or start winning.”

Neal Brown of West Virginia also finds himself on the hot seat, albeit with a slightly different outlook. Despite Brown’s four seasons at the helm, the Mountaineers have suffered seven losses in three of those seasons.

Dodd noted that West Virginia may settle for a winning season, but the reported $16.7 million buyout could grant Brown more time to rectify the team’s performance.

In addition to the aforementioned coaches, Dodd identified Jimbo Fisher among four others in the “start improving now” tier.

As the pressure mounts on these coaches, the upcoming season will prove critical in determining their long-term futures.

Who are the three coaches you feel are on the hottest of hot seats entering the 2023 season?

Is Fisher on your list?.. After all, he has one of the biggest NIL pools to play with, yet his Aggies have absolutely nothing to show for it.