CBS Faces Criticism For Unfavorable Decision Regarding Damar Hamlin During Bills-Jets Matchup (VIDEO)

In a hauntingly familiar sequence reminiscent of Damar Hamlin’s injury last season, Buffalo Bills safety Taylor Rapp was ushered off the field in an ambulance after a collision with a teammate.

The Buffalo Bills have unfortunately found themselves in too many nerve-wracking situations on the gridiron in the past year.

The television cameras captured the sight of Bills teammate Damar Hamlin observing the incident. Hamlin had previously been taken off the field in an ambulance at Cincinnati due to a cardiac emergency late last season.

This particular moment during the game caused considerable discomfort among viewers, as CBS opted to showcase Hamlin whenever a player was taken off by an ambulance, even when he wasn’t active in the game.

Safety Taylor Rapp became the latest player to be transported off the field in an ambulance. Rapp was involved in a significant collision with New York Jets running back Breece Hall, managing to stay on his feet for a brief period before eventually going down.

As he was loaded into the ambulance, Rapp was observed moving his hands.

According to CBS’s Tracy Wolfson, Rapp was later reported to be in the locker room and was not taken to the hospital.