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Cam Jordan BASHES NFL Pass Rusher Rankings: Who Should Be In The Top 5??

Cam Jordan BASHES NFL Pass Rusher Rankings: Who Should Be In The Top 5??

Saints defensive end Cam Jordan, a potential future Hall of Famer, expressed his displeasure after being excluded from a recent list of the best edge rushers as ranked by NFL executives, coaches, players, and scouts.

In a series of tweets, the 2010s all-decade team member questioned the evaluation criteria used by the panel.

“Wonder if they have a complete True Defensive END ranking,” Jordan tweeted with a hint of amusement. “Why is it edge rushers are taking away from true ends encompassed by the term edge? How many know what Stop the Run means? Me, [Brandon Graham], Nick [Bosa], Arik Armstead, [DeMarcus Lawrence] … 1st-4th downs not just the Pass.”

Jordan, known for his consistent performance as a pass rusher, was not content with being evaluated solely based on his ability to rush the quarterback.

He emphasized the importance of being a well-rounded defensive end who excels at stopping the run, demonstrating his deep understanding of defensive responsibilities beyond the pass rush.

“On top of being one of the game’s most consistent pass rushers, Cam Jordan is also stout against the run, regularly pressing the edge and allowing speedy linebackers like Demario Davis to get to the ball,” remarked an anonymous NFL insider.

In today’s pass-happy league, where sacking the opposing quarterback has become the primary focus for many edge rushers, Jordan’s approach stands out as somewhat of a throwback.

While he acknowledges the importance of pressuring the quarterback, Jordan takes great pride in his ability to disrupt running plays and support his teammates on all downs.

Jordan’s achievements on the field cannot be overlooked, as evidenced by his remarkable streak of six consecutive Pro Bowl selections. His consistent performance and versatility have made him a standout player and a cornerstone of the Saints’ defense for years.

The debate surrounding the evaluation of edge rushers will likely continue, with supporters of Jordan arguing for a more comprehensive assessment that recognizes the complete skill set required of a true defensive end.

Do you think Jordan has a legitimate beef?

Who are your top five pass rushers in the league?



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