Buck Showalter Speaks About His Future As Mets Hire David Stearns To Turn Franchise Around

The New York Mets upcoming front office shuffle should sure be interesting. 

The Amazin’s have hired highly-regarded Milwaukee Brewers executive David Stearns as their president of baseball operations.

While the fate of current Mets general manager Billy Eppler has been clarified (he will remain in his role), the future of the team’s manager, Buck Showalter, remains uncertain.

Showalter himself addressed the issue during a press conference on Tuesday, admitting that he has not engaged in any discussions about his future with the Mets.

“This is not the time and place for my mind to be going there,” Showalter told reporters. “If you choose to and your job description tells you you should, then God bless you. Go ahead.”

Showalter’s contract with the Mets extends through the next season, but it’s not uncommon for teams to avoid putting their managers in lame-duck situations.

Typically, in such cases, teams either extend the manager’s contract or make the decision to part ways. At this point, it remains unclear which path the Mets will choose to follow.

Several factors may work against Showalter’s continued tenure with the Mets, including the team’s massive underperformance this season, although it’s important to note that the struggles cannot be solely attributed to him.

Additionally, the impending arrival of Stearns as the new head of baseball operations adds another layer of uncertainty to the equation, as he may very well want to hire “his guy.”

As a matter of fact, Brewers current manager Craig Counsell is expected to become a free agent at the end of the season. Whether Stearns would consider reuniting with Counsell in New York or if Counsell shares that interest remains unknown.

What should Stearns and the Mets do?

Does Showalter deserve to remain as manager? Or would Counsell be a needed improvement?