Bryce Harper Achieves 300th Career Home Run in Phillies’ Record-Breaking August

During Wednesday’s game, when the Phillies were behind 5-2 to the Angels in the bottom of the fifth inning, it seemed like a typical setup for the Phillies’ recent comeback trend. With their knack for overturning games with home runs, the scene was set for yet another turnaround. Both Trea Turner and Bryce Harper delivered home runs, giving the Phillies the lead. However, the Angels pulled off a comeback of their own, winning the game 10-8.

But let’s focus on Harper’s significant home run and the Phillies’ impressive home run record this season.

Here’s a highlight of Harper’s notable hit:

This wasn’t just any home run for Harper; it was his 300th career home run. He now joins 11 other active players who have reached this milestone, including stars like Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout. Considering Harper is only in his 30s, reaching 300 home runs is a commendable feat. In fact, he’s one of only 28 players to achieve this before the age of 31. Moreover, of these 28 players, 15 of them went on to hit over 500 career home runs. Harper has time on his side, as he’s set to play with the Phillies until 2031.

In terms of team performance, the Phillies are on fire with their home runs. Harper’s hit marked their 59th home run for August. This sets a record for the most home runs in August by any National League team and a monthly record for the Phillies. Comparing it to MLB history, here’s a ranking of teams:

Yankees: 74 home runs, August 2019
Braves: 61, June 2023
Phillies: 59, August 2023
Rays: 59, April 2023
Twins: 59, August 2019
Yankees: 58, June 2022
Astros: 58, September 2019
Mariners: 58, May 1999
Orioles: 58, May 1987

Having played their last game for August, the Phillies have set their record for the month.

Despite their loss on Wednesday, the Phillies’ current record stands at 74-59. They’re in a good spot for the top NL wild-card position. It’s worth noting that last year, they made it to the World Series from the third wild-card position, and their record then was 73-60.