Brock Purdy Gets Last Laugh, Savagely Trolls Patrick Peterson After Trash Talk Backfires In Epic Fashion

In a highly anticipated showdown at Acrisure Stadium, the San Francisco 49ers dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers with a convincing 30-7 victory, leaving cornerback Patrick Peterson eating his words.

The 49ers are recognized by most people as the best team in the NFL. Of course, they have to prove it on the field all season long – but yesterday was a perfect start in Pittsburgh. 

The game not only showcased San Francisco’s dominance, but also provided a fitting response to Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson’s pre-game trash talk.

Leading up to the game, Peterson had confidently boasted on the “All Things Covered” podcast about his ability to intercept the 49ers second-year quarterback, Brock Purdy.

Peterson stated: “There is some tell signs out there that tells us what plays we’re gonna get from those guys in certain situations. When I get my pick Sunday, we’ll talk about it.”

However, after a dominant pillar-to-post performance that saw the 49ers securing their first win of the season, Purdy had the last laugh.

During his post-game press conference, Purdy couldn’t help but respond to Peterson’s earlier remarks.

Referencing his touchdown pass to Brandon Aiyuk, Purdy asked: “The second touchdown on the right side, the deep ball, was that on Patrick Peterson?”

It sure was…

The 49ers impressive victory not only silenced Peterson but all of Pittsburgh as well. Mike Tomlin’s team was feeling good about themselves entering the game yesterday. However, those positive vibes were quickly smashed down by the Niners, who seem to have no flaws whatsoever. 

With momentum on their side, San Fran will head back to California to face their NFC West rivals, the Los Angeles Rams, next Sunday.

Are the 49ers indeed the best team in the NFL?

Assuming they stay healthy, will they win the Super Bowl?

From a Steelers perspective, was it just a bad day at the office? Or are there real reasons for concern in Pittsburgh?