Brian Kelly’s Shockingly Honest Take On Tommy Rees Joining Nick Saban

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly is usually a grumpy and chippy fella – which is why it was somewhat surprising to hear him speak so highly of his former Notre Dame quarterback, Tommy Rees.

Now knee-deep in the coaching world, Rees left Notre Dame where he was offensive coordinator for the same position at Alabama.

Despite the rivalry brewing between Kelly’s LSU Tigers and Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide as new SEC foes, Kelly expressed genuine support for Rees joining his nemesis’ staff.

“We have a great relationship that we’ve kept,” Kelly stated during SEC Media Day. “You don’t get a chance to work for Nick Saban very often. When you do, good things generally happen. Matter of fact, mostly all the time.”

Kelly’s endorsement of Rees’ decision to join the coaching staff at Alabama makes sense, given Saban’s reputation for developing coaching talent and the unparalleled success the Crimson Tide have achieved in the college football world.

“That’s not a hard track record to look at,” Kelly added, acknowledging the tremendous success Saban has brought to Alabama. “If you get a chance to work for Nick Saban, if you get a chance to work at a place like Alabama that has that kind of unparalleled success, this would be a great opportunity.”

“He felt the same way, and I’m happy for him. We’ll be happy for him except for one weekend or if there’s an implication of a tie or something.”

Rees spent five years at Notre Dame as the starting quarterback before transitioning into coaching – and ultimately accepted the offensive coordinator position at Alabama in February.

Kelly’s guidance and encouragement played a pivotal role in Rees’ decision to take on the new challenge, and the young coach now aims to help the Crimson Tide return to the College Football Playoff after narrowly missing out in 2022.

With both Kelly and Saban leading their respective teams in the fiercely competitive SEC, the upcoming season promises to be an exciting one, with emotions always running high whenever LSU faces Alabama.

However, the bond between Kelly and Rees remains strong, and their mutual respect for Saban’s coaching prowess has opened a new chapter in Rees’ coaching career.

Are you surprised to hear Kelly be so complimentary of Saban?

There’s nothing he said that isn’t 100% true – but to actually admit it publicly is refreshing.

How do you think Rees will fare as Alabama’s offensive coordinator?

Knowing Saban, there’s one thing for sure – he better have thick skin!