BREAKING: Police Bust Alleged Thieves Who Robbed Deion Sanders’ Colorado Locker Room Dry

The Colorado Buffaloes recent loss to the UCLA Bruins not only marked another notch in the derailment of a once promising season, but it also proved costly off-the-field as well.

Reports quickly came out that multiple Colorado players were robbed of jewelry and other valuables.

The items were allegedly stolen right from their locker room during the game.

The incident pissed off head coach Deion Sanders, who urged law enforcement and the NCAA to take swift action.

“That don’t make no sense when you’re out there balling and playing your heart out and you’re getting robbed in the same aspect,” Sanders said after the game. “I hope we could do something about that, NCAA, you do do something about everything else…”

Now, a breakthrough has occurred in the case, as the Pasadena Police Department has announced the identification of the thieves responsible for the brazen theft.

Unfortunately, the Pasadena Police Department was unable to release details about the identities of the thieves due to them being juveniles.

In a statement, the department said: “Search warrants were executed, and additional information will be provided soon as the investigation progresses. The Pasadena Police Department would like to thank those who reported leads to our tip line.”

The police acknowledged the importance of community support, emphasizing that the information received played a crucial role in identifying the suspects.

“Our detectives worked diligently to follow up on all leads, which resulted in the quick execution of search warrants. The investigation will be ongoing,” the statement continued.

Police helped recover several of the stolen, but some of the valuables remain missing.

Authorities are expected to provide further updates as the investigation unfolds.

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