Home NCAA BREAKING: Nebraska Tight End Faces Arrest Over Burglary Allegations

BREAKING: Nebraska Tight End Faces Arrest Over Burglary Allegations

BREAKING: Nebraska Tight End Faces Arrest Over Burglary Allegations
(Credit: Nikos Frazier/AP)

A college football player with a history of switching teams has found himself in legal trouble.

Arik Gilbert, a tight end for Nebraska, was arrested on Tuesday due to a burglary incident. He was reportedly found at a vape shop in Lincoln, Nebraska early in the morning, holding a bag with over $1,600 of merchandise from the store, as shared by The Athletic.

Police records indicate that Gilbert was taken in on Tuesday morning in Lancaster County.

This arrest couldn’t have come at a worse time. Gilbert is currently waiting for a decision from the NCAA about whether he can play in the 2023 season after he requested permission.

Gilbert’s arrival at Nebraska was seen as a significant addition by the new coach, Matt Rhule. Gilbert was highly rated, coming in as the 9th best tight end transfer this cycle.

Coach Rhule has been actively pushing for Gilbert to get permission to play, but this recent incident might complicate things.

“It’s still in progress. We’re hoping that before we head to Minnesota there will be some finality on it. There’s obviously been some twist and turns, with things going back and forth,” Rhule said Friday during a press conference. “Out of respect for Arik, I’m not going to broadcast all those different things. But there’s still just — looking for some finality, and everyone’s working hard to get it done.”

Gilbert started his college career at LSU, where he made 35 catches, covering 368 yards and scoring two touchdowns. He then moved to Georgia and played in three games in 2021, catching the ball twice and scoring once.


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