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Brady Quinn Predicts The Extreme Impact Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension Will Have

Brady Quinn Predicts The Extreme Impact Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension Will Have
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As the news of Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s suspension reverberates through the college football world, former Notre Dame player Brady Quinn believes this unfortunate situation could be a blessing in disguise for the squad.

Quinn, who played for Notre Dame from 2003 to 2006 and faced off against Michigan in several fierce rivalry games, shared his thoughts on the matter during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” last Sunday.

“I actually think this could be one of those things that’s like a galvanizing opportunity for the players to kind of rally around one another and take over control and really responsibility for this team, for this year, and in the locker room without Jim Harbaugh being there on game day,” Quinn said.

Quinn’s words have proven prophetic as Michigan defensive end Kris Jenkins voiced his sentiments on Coach Harbaugh’s impending suspension just last week.

“If he’s not there in person, he’s definitely going to be there in spirit for sure,” Jenkins said. “We’re going to represent that and play the way he’s made us.”

Jenkins’ determination to carry Harbaugh’s spirit into the games has been echoed by other players, including Michigan running back Blake Corum, who believes the suspension could “light a fire” in him and his teammates.

The suspension stems from alleged recruiting violations, and Harbaugh is facing a possible four-game suspension. During this period, he will be forced to sit out home games against East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, and Rutgers – all should be wins even if you and me are coaching. 

Despite the setback, Michigan remains focused on their goal of clinching their third consecutive Big Ten title this season. In the bigger picture, they are truly legitimate national championship contenders, and they know it. 

Having served as Michigan’s head coach for nine seasons, Harbaugh has a very solid 74-25 (.747) win-loss record since the 2015 NCAA season. Though he will be absent during several critical games, Harbaugh will be on the sidelines for the highly-anticipated matchup with the Ohio State Buckeyes in the regular-season finale on November 25.

Do you agree with Quinn that Harbaugh’s suspension is a blessing in disguise?

Will it provide the Wolverines with an extra chip on their shoulder?

If so, the college football world better watch out.



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