Home NCAA Bradley Rozner Transfers To NC State For 8TH YEAR Of College Football

Bradley Rozner Transfers To NC State For 8TH YEAR Of College Football

Bradley Rozner Transfers To NC State For 8TH YEAR Of College Football

Bradley Rozner, the former Rice wide receiver, has announced his decision to transfer to NC State, extending his already remarkable college football journey.

The 6-foot-5 wideout will join the Wolfpack for his eighth year, bringing a wealth of experience and talent to the NC State’s offense.


Rozner’s football journey has been longer-than-usual, having spent three seasons at the junior college level before joining Rice University. His impressive performance at Rice in 2019, where he registered 770 yards, earned him an extra year of eligibility.

However, the wide receiver was sidelined during the 2020 season, which did not count toward players’ eligibility due to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, Rozner’s 2021 season started on a sour note with a season-ending injury in the opening game. Undeterred, he made a strong comeback in the last season, showcasing his skills by turning 44 receptions into an impressive 876 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Owls. The Texas native also demonstrated his big-play ability, with two scores of 75 yards or more.

NC State’s offense will undoubtedly benefit from Rozner’s addition to the roster. As a veteran redshirt senior, his experience and playmaking ability will bring depth and diversity to the team’s receiving corps. If he can stay healthy, Rozner has the potential to make a significant impact on the Wolfpack’s performance this season.

The Wolfpack faced some key departures following their 8-5 campaign, including last year’s leading receiver Thayer Thomas, who signed with the Minnesota Vikings, and Devin Thomas, the runner-up, who transferred to West Virginia.

Bradley Rozner’s arrival at NC State brings some much-needed experience and assurance to the team’s receiving game.

Almost a decade spent in college football – incredible!



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