Booger McFarland Gives Very Controversial Take On Alabama Ahead Of SEC Title Showdown

The SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia is the highlight of conference championship weekend.

The showdown between the two hated rivals is a virtual playoff game – with the winner expected to be guaranteed a playoff spot.

That’s certainly true in Georgia’s case, but when it comes to the Tide, some disagree… 

ESPN analyst Booger McFarland cast doubt on the Alabama’s playoff chances, even if they emerge victorious over the undefeated Bulldogs.

McFarland expressed skepticism about the Tide’s “guaranteed entry” into the playoff, stating: “Alabama, even if they win, and I know it sounds blasphemous from an SEC guy and a guy that has roots in the south that the SEC champion – the best conference in the country – you could win that conference and get left out.”

McFarland pointed out that Alabama’s lone loss at home to a team also vying for a postseason spot, Texas, could be a significant factor in the selection committee’s decision.

“Under this system, there’s only four (spots) and all the games count – and Alabama had a Texas problem going back to the second week in September,” he added. 

The ESPN College Football Playoff Predictor supports McFarland’s reservations, indicating that Alabama faces a 41% chance of making the Playoff if they secure a victory in the SEC Championship Game, assuming Texas, Michigan, Washington, and Florida State also emerge victorious in their respective conference title matchups.

The probability increases to 80% if Texas falls to Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Championship Game (which is hard to see happening).

However, a potential twist emerges if Florida State loses, with the algorithm projecting both Alabama and Texas to secure spots in the final four alongside Michigan and the Pac-12 winner (expected to be Oregon).

Chaos will happen if the dominoes fall a certain way this weekend.

Could the back-to-back national champs, currently on a 29-game winning streak, be left OUT of the Playoff if they lose tomorrow?

When it’s all said and done, what do you think will end up happening???