BOMBSHELL: Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Ratted Out His Friends During PED Investigation

In a shocking revelation, ESPN reported that former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted to federal agents that he used performance-enhancing drugs during their investigation into PED’s in baseball. 

Of course, we all knew that Arod used PED’s. But what we didn’t know is that he ratted out fellow players, including his close friend Manny Ramirez and Ryan Braun.

That’s what ESPN alleges to be the case, according to documents they obtained.

Rodriguez allegedly met with two assistant U.S. Department of Justice attorneys and seven Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents on January 29, 2014, during his 211-game suspension for violating MLB’s PED policy, which resulted in him being banned for the entire 2014 season.

According to the documents, Rodriguez, who had been granted “Queen for a Day” status by prosecutors, shared the names of the PED clients he knew.

Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch had allegedly informed Rodriguez that Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun, and another unnamed All-Star player were also clients of his illicit services.

Technically, Rodriguez never tested positive for PED’s, but he was front and center in the scandal.

During the meeting with federal agents, Arod admitted for the first time that he had used PED’s purchased from Bosch, reversing his previous public denials.

He divulged that he had paid approximately $12,000 per month for a range of “doping protocols,” including testosterone creams, red, gummy-like lozenges containing testosterone, and human growth hormone, from 2010 to 2012.

Rodriguez made these payments to Bosch in cash and, on occasion, even used petty cash provided by the Yankees traveling team secretary, who was not implicated in the scheme.

Arod also confessed that his cousin, Yuri Sucart Sr., had been his supplier of performance-enhancing drugs for over a decade.

Sucart allegedly resorted to threats of blackmail, demanding $5 million from Rodriguez. He threatened to expose Rodriguez’s illegal activities to Major League Baseball if his demands were not met.

Before the blackmail attempt, Sucart had acted as the intermediary in funneling cash to Bosch, with Rodriguez writing checks from his business account and making cash payments to Bosch.

While Sucart and Rodriguez had once shared a close relationship, it deteriorated over time. Rodriguez fired Sucart when he discovered that his cousin had spent a substantial amount of his money without consent, which reportedly ranged from $250,000 to $500,000.

The Miami Herald reported that their business relationship officially ended in 2012. The threats of blackmail from Sucart emerged on December 24, 2012, with both parties ultimately reaching a confidential financial agreement, settling for $900,000.

The documents revealed that Rodriguez had lied to Yankees president Randy Levine in 2012 when he denied having a relationship with Bosch. Levine had contacted Rodriguez in November 2012, inquiring about any knowledge he possessed regarding Bosch before the Biogenesis scandal erupted.

In the final and most shocking revelation, the former MVP allegedly told the federal agents he had been told by Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch that Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and one other All-Star player were also performance-enhancing drug clients.

Ironically, Arod currently works for ESPN as co-host of the “KayRod Cast” as part of their Sunday Night Baseball coverage. He also works for FOX Sports.

What is your take on the story?

Is it a bad look for ESPN and FOX to have Arod as part of their MLB coverage? 

Or has he paid he dues by now?