Blake Corum Ignites Michigan Football with His “Savage” Approach for the Season.

Blake Corum’s elevation as a captain for Michigan football is not just a testament to his playing ability, but also his unique leadership style.

The Wolverines rolled out the names of their team captains recently, honoring Blake Corum alongside Trevor Keegan, Zak Zinter, Mike Barrett, Mike Sainristil, and Kris Jenkins. Notably, each of these players had the potential to move to the NFL after the previous season. But, driven by their ambition to secure a national championship for Michigan, they decided to stay. Corum’s inclusion is particularly intriguing as he was a strong contender for the Heisman trophy last year. However, an injury during the game against Illinois football derailed his chances. Most assumed his next step would be the NFL, but he’s back, sporting the captain’s armband, and carrying an unparalleled attitude into the season.

Offering insight into his leadership approach, Corum mentioned in an article from, “For me, I definitely lead by example. I only talk when talk is needed. We got feedback from teams, and the common question was, ‘What are your goals?’ I responded saying everyone considers themselves a ‘dog’ in the game. But there’s a difference between a dog and a savage.”

He elaborated on this thought by referencing his pet, Savage. “Back home, I had a South African Boerboel named Savage,” Corum said. “Every time he was set free, he’d inspect the entire property, ensuring everything was in order. Whether confronting a bear or chasing deer and raccoons, he was more than just a dog; he was a savage. That’s the mentality we need at the big house. We should behave like savages, ensuring that anything out of place gets dealt with.”

Clearly, Blake Corum is channeling a distinct mindset this season, and he’s rallying the Michigan squad to adopt the same.