Bill Belichick Makes It Very Clear That Micah Parsons Is NO Lawrence Taylor

As the New England Patriots prepare for their highly anticipated Week 4 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, most of the talk is about the star of the Boys defense, Micah Parsons.

The young linebacker has been making waves in the league with his incredible talent and exceptional big-play ability.

Through his first two years in the league, Parsons has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, setting a Hall of Fame trajectory for his career.

He has already achieved back-to-back seasons with at least 13 sacks and is off to a blazing start in 2023, tallying four sacks in just three games.

He is sure to have a chip on his shoulder tomorrow coming off an inexplicable loss to the Arizona Cardinals – a game in which he didn’t play well. 

Some people actually believe Parsons got exposed to a degree against Arizona as the Cardinals ran right at him with great success.

Regardless, Parsons’ natural ability is evident. He has made himself a legitimate NFL MVP candidate.

The last time a defensive player earned the prestigious MVP award was New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor back in 1986.

As most know, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick played a significant role in LT’s legendary career when he served as the defensive coordinator for the Giants.

Given his unique perspective, Belichick is often consulted when comparing emerging defensive talents to Taylor.

During a recent interview with WEEI, Belichick did not hold back in praising Parsons.

“Parsons’ physical traits and athleticism are along the lines of a Taylor,” Belichick remarked, highlighting the linebacker’s exceptional abilities.

However, Belichick also emphasized the monumental stature of Lawrence Taylor in NFL history. When asked about the comparison between Parsons and Taylor, Belichick remained steadfast in his admiration for the former Giants superstar.

“I would just say I wouldn’t put anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor, period,” Belichick said.

“Maybe I’m prejudiced, but I saw that guy every day for over a decade, and he tilted the field for a decade. Until somebody does that, and there’s a lot of great players … I’m not putting anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor. Not yet.”

Belichick’s reverence for Lawrence Taylor is well-founded. Taylor enjoyed a remarkable career, leading the Giants to two Super Bowl championships.

He is considered by most people as the greatest defensive player in NFL history.

While Micah Parsons’ early success has him on a trajectory that could one day see him mentioned in the same breath as LT, Belichick’s cautionary words serve as a reminder that sustaining excellence over an extended period is the true hallmark of an NFL legend.

Do you think Parsons will ultimately reach LT’s level as a player???