Big 10 Reportedly Looking To Add THESE Schools

According to reports, the Big Ten may be looking to add more schools to their powerful conference.

Matt Hayes of “Saturday Tradition” and “Saturday Down South” reports that the Big Ten could be targeting Oregon, Washington, Cal, Stanford and possibly others.

Of course, the Big Ten rocked the college football landscape with the news of them (eventually) adding USC and UCLA.

“If anyone thinks the Big Ten isn’t coming back for more, they’re not following along,” an industry source told Saturday Out West.

Oregon is certainly the best, most valuable remaining Pac 12 program – followed by Washington…

The college football world reacted to the news on social media…

““Washington, Oregon, Stanford and California — are the dream addition for the Big Ten if it can find the funding.” Funding being the operate word for future Big-10 poaching of the PAC-12.”

“A lot or people like to talk crap about Oregon being in a tiny market or not being a national school or blah blah blah. But pretty much any metric out there consistently has OR as one of the biggest draws of any school in the country. They’ll bring plenty of value to any conf.”

“Oh I agree, I think the Pac-12 is going to fold, and that Oregon & Washington will join the big 10, and that Utah, Colorado, Arizona & ASU will join the Big 12. I’m just trying to think of any possible ways the Pac-12 can save the ship from sinking, I’m not sure it’s possible.”

It will also be fascinating to see if the SEC has any further plans up their sleeves after the Texas and Oklahoma additions.

Also, what will happen with ACC powerhouse programs Clemson and Florida State?…