“BETTER THAN EVER!!”: Former All-Pro Superstar Planning SHOCKING Comeback, Eyes Steelers Reunion … Is He The Missing Link In Pittsburgh??

It may sound like a blast from the past, but at only 31-years-old, former star running back Le’Veon Bell is looking to make an NFL comeback.

Once considered one of the top running backs in the league, Bell’s career ended ugly – and it all began with his messy departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, not only is Bell looking to return to the NFL, but he’s dead-set on returning to Pittsburgh in particular.

“I’m gonna put my foot in the ground. Do I feel it? Am I hurting? Can I go out there and really play again? And bro, I’m telling you all right now when I go out there and train in March and if I hit April and I make this decision to come back to play in the NFL again, mark my words down – I will be better than I ever was,” Bell declared in recent Snapchat videos.

The three-time Pro Bowler, known for his dynamic playing style, emphasized his interest in returning to the Steelers.

“I will only come back for that one team. You all know who it is. I don’t have to say no team. You all know who it is,” Bell stated cryptically yet clearly.

However, the Steelers, who currently have Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren under contract, might not be actively seeking a reunion with Bell, given their current running back roster.

The running back had a tumultuous departure from the Steelers in 2018, sitting out the entire season after refusing to sign his franchise tag.

In a video posted last year, Bell publicly apologized to Pittsburgh fans for his abrupt departure.

“I never apologized to the fans for sitting out, or leaving the Steelers. I never apologized. So, I want to say I apologize for leaving the best damn fans there is in this damn world. I shouldn’t have left. I apologize, I should never have left. I apologize. That’s my fault. That’s on me,” Bell expressed remorsefully.

Bell ranks fourth in Steelers history with 5,336 rushing yards.

However, after missing the 2018 season, he struggled to regain his previous form, playing for the New York Jets in 2019 before being released the following season and moving between three different teams in 2020 and 2021.

Bell will turn 32 later this month … All things considered, it’s hard to imagine the Steelers showing legitimate interest.

However, crazier things have happened.

Do you think Mike Tomlin and Pittsburgh should explore the possibility? … Should other teams as well?

Or do you think this whole thing is just an attention-grabbing play by Bell???