“BEST OF LUCK”: Well-Connected Analyst Mistakenly Leaks Out Bombshell Laker Plans, Causing Total Frenzy In The NBA World (VIDEO)

The Boston Celtics are once again kings of the NBA world.

With their dominating Finals victory over the Dallas Mavericks, the C’s have passed the Los Angeles Lakers yet again for most titles in NBA history.

With the two franchises seemingly headed in opposite directions, the next few weeks are shaping up to be absolutely critical for the Lakers.

With the draft quickly approaching, the Lakers are still without a head coach.

Although, that may not necessarily be the case according to ESPN’s Jay Williams.

Appearing on “Get Up,” Williams seemed to leak – intentionally or not – that the job belongs to J.J. Redick (or will soon be).

“You have the Los Angeles Lakers who are trying to figure it out with JJ Redick, a first-time head coach, we wish him all the best of luck,” Williams said.

Needless to say, Williams is close with Redick.

Not only are the two colleagues at ESPN, but both went to Duke and share a close bond.

In other words, if anybody has “inside information,” it’s Williams.

The past month has been tumultuous, not just for Lakers fans, but for Redick and anyone associated with the Lakers organization.

Los Angeles’ #1 target, UConn head coach Dan Hurley, turned down the Lakers’ six-year, $70 million offer.

Despite what they may say publicly, those turn of events proved to be quite embarrassing for the prestigious organization who is used to getting what they want.

Now, all eyes are back J.J. Redick, who has been a constant presence in the head coaching search throughout the entire offseason.

Also in consideration is New Orleans Pelicans assistant James Borrego, Boston Celtics assistant Sam Cassell, and Denver Nuggets assistant David Adelman.

But if Williams indeed knows something we don’t, the decision could have already been made.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Redick’s broadcasting partner Mike Breen was asked what the future holds for J.J…

“We’re trying to confirm that right now,” Breen said with a laugh.

When asked if he expects Redick to stay with ESPN going forward, Breen was surprisingly honest.

“To answer your question, I’d say no… I’m like those coaches that have coaching trees, I’m the broadcaster who now has a coaching tree,” he said.

However, Breen mentioned that he had spoken with Redick personally about the situation and noted that the last time they spoke, Redick said he had not been formally offered the job.

Of course, many people are trying to connect the dots and although he has no coaching experience, some believe that Redick will likely be hired due to his friendship with podcast-partner LeBron James.

What are your thoughts on Williams’ comments?

Do you think he just simply misspoke? … Or does he know something we don’t?

At the end of the day, who will the Lakers hire as their next head coach?

Will it indeed be Redick? … If so, how do you think he will do???