Best Competitor In Baseball!: Freddie Freeman Drools Over Clayton Kershaw

Los Angeles ace Clayton Kershaw demonstrated his unwavering dominance in his last start for the Dodgers on Tuesday night.

Teammate Freddie Freeman marveled with his consistent excellence as he continues to pitch at a high level year-after-year.

“I feel like he’s been able to do ‘next pitch’ for 15 years,” exclaimed Freeman, praising Kershaw’s ability to remain composed and focused.

“If one person’s gonna get out of that, you feel like it’s gonna be Kersh. He continues to do it, year in and year out. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Kershaw delivered a seven-inning gem, keeping the Angels scoreless while allowing only five hits. His exceptional outing ensured the Dodgers shutout victory against the Angels formidable duo of Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

Throughout June, Kershaw has allowed a mere four runs, going 3-0 in the process.

With the latest triumph, Kershaw’s record now stands at an impressive 9-4, accompanied by a remarkable 2.72 ERA.

He will carry this stellar performance into his next start, a road game against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on Tuesday.

“I just don’t see a better competitor out there than Clayton Kershaw,” remarked Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, acknowledging the left-hander’s unparalleled competitive spirit. “Right now, he’s the only one standing.”

While the Dodgers have faced pitching challenges this season, their long-standing ace has consistently risen to the occasion, shouldering a heavier workload than anticipated.

Kershaw has been the only pitcher in the Dodgers rotation to make every scheduled start this year, highlighting his reliability and commitment to the team’s success.

“What’s the alternative? The alternative is to give in,” responded Kershaw when asked about his gutsy performance. “Obviously, you’ve got to reset a little bit. But at the end of the day, I always think about the next pitch.. That’s what I try to do. Just try to make the next pitch.”

Despite the Dodgers recent struggles as a team, Kershaw continues to exemplify his unwavering dedication and ability to deliver whenever he takes the mound.

In his 16th season, Kershaw remains a pillar of strength for the Dodgers, offering a glimmer of hope for their resurgence.