“BE A F*CKING PROFESSIONAL!”: Prominent Baseball Personality Destroys Anthony Rendon

The Los Angeles Angels find themselves in a state of disarray following a series of setbacks and controversies that have shaken the team’s stability.

Since the decision not to trade Shohei Ohtani during the MLB Trade Deadline, the Angels have watched their season go up in flames. 

Adding to their woes is the puzzling situation surrounding Anthony Rendon, the Angels (very) high-paid third baseman. Rendon was placed on the 60-day injured list due to a reported shin injury, but his behavior in handling questions about the injury has raised eyebrows across the league. 

When questioned about the specifics of his injury during a media session, Rendon replied, “No habla inglés today,” before abruptly leaving the scene and retreating to the clubhouse, refusing to provide any further information.

The disrespectful response drew swift criticism, with notable baseball host/analyst Chris Rose expressing his frustration with Rendon’s actions.

Rose did not mince words, saying: “I have had enough of his act. The whole act is so tired. It was tired in Washington, and it is tired now. Be a f*cking professional. We hear it all the time from management and from managers, ‘Hey, he is a professional baseball player.’ This is not professional.”

The sharp rebuke from Rose reflects the sentiments of many Angels fans who are growing increasingly frustrated and annoyed with Rendon’s recent behavior.

You would think a 7-year, $245 million contract would give you motivation to act professional and keep in line.. Apparently not.

What do you think of Rendon’s disgraceful behavior?

Where does his contract rank among the worst in baseball history?