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A’s Owner Responds to Fans Sporting ‘Sell’ Tees at Matches

A’s Owner Responds to Fans Sporting ‘Sell’ Tees at Matches
(Credit: AP Jeff Chiu/Photo)

John Fisher faces significant backlash as one of the most disliked sports owners.

Oakland Athletics enthusiasts are vocal in their discontent with Fisher’s proposal to relocate the MLB team to Las Vegas. Chants of “Sell the team” resonate throughout the Oakland Coliseum, and fans proudly wear shirts echoing this sentiment.

Addressing the public criticism, Fisher expressed to NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai how the backlash has deeply affected him.

“It shows the fans are passionate to keep a team and they are upset with me for taking away that dream,” Fisher said. “In that sense, I take responsibility.”

Despite overseeing one of the least successful teams in MLB history, Fisher praised Oakland supporters for their unwavering dedication.

“Seeing that passion directed toward me, it has an ironic twist where I can appreciate the passion, even though it is at times hurtful,” Fisher noted.

The A’s currently boast the MLB’s lowest payroll, underscoring Fisher’s apparent lack of commitment to creating a competitive squad. Their historically poor performance (-300 run differential as of Wednesday’s game) has meant dwindling attendances, except for those attending in protest against Fisher.

Fisher’s decisions even stirred unrest at the All-Star Game in Seattle, with spectators chanting “Sell the team” during Brent Rooker’s turn at bat.

Nevertheless, Fisher remains undeterred. Confirming to The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Mick Akers, the 62-year-old revealed that he has formally applied for team relocation and anticipates completing the process “soon.”

Adding to the dismay of A’s supporters, Fisher dispelled any notions of selling the team.


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