AROD Gives Shocking Take On Futures Of Mike Trout & Shohei Ohtani

Fox Sports analyst and former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has proposed a controversial solution to save the struggling Los Angeles Angels: a total rebuild that starts with trading their star players Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

While the idea may seem outrageous to some, Rodriguez believes it could be the key to the team’s success.

“The Angels win a championship in five years if they do this,” he boldly claimed. “First, you trade Ohtani, then you trade Trout.. and you try to get five or six players, load up with first-rounders.”

“And the next thing that you have to do is bring in a guy like Theo Epstein, give him ownership and let him run the shop. And that move has to come first and then follow up. I don’t think you have the time, but that would be the move.”

The Angels find themselves in a dire predicament, being unable to capitalize on having two of the best players in baseball on their roster. Despite the presence of Ohtani and Trout, the team has consistently missed the playoffs, a frustrating reality for fans and players alike.

Rodriguez’s suggestion forces us to consider what the Angels might look like without their star duo.

He emphasizes that the Angels need more than just two exceptional players to succeed. They need a well-rounded team that can compete consistently.

“Arguably you could say these are two of the best assets in the game,” he stated, referring to Ohtani and Trout. “You haven’t been good for the last 10 years, and you have an asset where you can go out and reload.”

If the Angels cannot win with their current roster, the argument goes, then they may be in a similar situation even if Ohtani and Trout remain. By trading these valuable assets, the team could potentially build a stronger future without them.

The idea of parting ways with Ohtani and Trout, however, raises questions about the Angels’ ability to retain Ohtani beyond this season.

If Angels General Manager Perry Minasian truly believes in the possibility of re-signing Ohtani, then his commitment to this plan may come under scrutiny.

“Those feelings (to win) get stronger year-by-year,” Ohtani’s translator told SNY. “It sucks to lose. He wants to win, so it gets stronger every year.”

Ohtani’s ambition to win is evident, and it is unlikely that he can achieve his goals with the Angels. Therefore, it appears that Ohtani’s departure from the team could be imminent.

While Rodriguez’s idea may be unconventional, it prompts the Angels to seriously consider selling these valuable assets to facilitate a much-needed rebuild.

Only time will tell if the organization is willing to take such a daring step and forge a new path to success.