Are Tennessee Titans’ Will Levis and TikTok’s Gia Duddy the Next Big Power Couple?

Gia Duddy is getting ready for a new chapter in Nashville for the upcoming football season.

Duddy, the girlfriend of Tennessee Titans player Will Levis, shared a video on Instagram where she’s saying her goodbyes to Pennsylvania as she plans her move to Nashville.

Duddy is known for making videos and has many fans on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. A while back, she shared a popular TikTok video where she teased Levis about not joining her for a run.

In that video, she shared a message from him turning down the run and playfully called him out.

Levis recently joined the Titans and will be one of the supporting players to Ryan Tannehill.

Levis and Duddy have been a couple for about two years and seem very happy together.