All The BEST REACTION To The Extremely Controversial Playoff Field … Did FSU Get Screwed??

The College Football Playoff is officially set.

It was without a doubt the most anticipated selection Sunday in the history of the playoff … It was also the most controversial.  

When the dust settled, the committee went with Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama as the top four teams … Meaning that undefeated ACC champion Florida State was left out in the cold. 

Top-seeded Michigan will face off against the fourth-seeded Alabama in the Rose Bowl semifinal, while the second-seeded Washington will take on third-seeded Texas in the Sugar Bowl … Both games will be on New Year’s Day.

The Wolverines, led by head coach Jim Harbaugh, secured the #1 seed after finishing the season undefeated at 13-0, clinching their third consecutive Big Ten championship on Saturday night.

Washington, also 13-0, claimed the #2 seed after winning the Pac-12 championship on Friday night … Other than Alabama, what the Huskies did to the heavily-favored Oregon Ducks in Las Vegas was the most impressive performance of the weekend.

The Texas Longhorns, having captured the Big 12 championship, earned the #3 seed and will make their first-ever playoff appearance … Texas boasts the single best win of the regular season, a 10-point road victory over the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama, despite that early-season loss to Texas, secured the #4 seed. The Tide redeemed themselves with a monstrous victory over two-time reigning national champion Georgia in the SEC championship on Saturday … Nick Saban has now made the playoff in eight out of 10 years. 

The biggest story of course was the Seminoles being rejected.

Right or wrong, the loss of Heisman Trophy contending quarterback Jordan Travis took the Noles out of consideration for a playoff spot. 

Understandably, head coach Mike Norvell was furious with the committee’s decision…

As was Travis himself…

“Devastated. heartbroken. In so much disbelief rn, I wish my leg broke earlier in the season so y’all could see this team is much more than the quarterback. I thought results matter. 13-0 and this roster matches up across any team in those top 4 rankings. I am so sorry. Go Noles!”

The college football world took to social media to express their thoughts on the undefeated ACC champs not having a seat at the playoff table…

“A part of me died today, along with the sport I so dearly love! I have lost all hope in sports as a whole. This was a greedy decision. All about money, power, & padding pocketbooks.
@CFBPlayoff you should be ashamed. You didn’t even try to hide the fact that you’re corrupt.”

“To me, this is a travesty to the sport…One team has a loss, and that’s Alabama. One doesn’t in Florida State.”

“Booger’s the only guy speaking truth here and yeah the “SEC is a factor” Galloway admonishing his fellow panelists for implying that may be the case. To say INFLUENCING doesn’t take place here is burying your head in the sand. @FSUFootball those kids just got screwed. It’s ok.”

“Booger McFarland is absolutely owning this argument right now. He’s not stumping for the committee or the company – he’s reacting how most of the country is … Alabama didn’t earn the playoff spot over Florida State.”

“Pretty shameful that so many ESPN talking heads are willing to swallow this narrative for ratings. Especially given how many are former players. Only Booger stays true to the soul of the sport.”

“Florida State got absolutely hosed. They have Atleast 2 first round picks. Talent all over the field, goes undefeated, and still on the outside looking in. 2-0 vs SEC teams this season. 2014 Buckeyes got in with a third string QB. FSU Shld have been in!”

“Florida State is the first Undefeated Power 5 Conference Champion to not get into the College Football Playoff. Despite the ACC having a 6-4 record against the SEC this year. Despite their defense not giving up 30 points in a single game all year. Despite their offense having more yards in the ACC Championship than Michigan had in the Big 10 Championship. Despite holding Louisville’s Top 20 Offense to 6 points. Despite beating 4 Top 25 teams. Despite finding a way to win with their Back up QB in a bitter rivalry game. Despite finding a way to win with their 3rd string QB in the ACC Championship Game. Florida State EARNED their spot in the CFP on the field. With and Without Jordan Travis. You don’t punish or diminish the work of 100+ players and coaches because 1 player is not there on the field calling the shots. FSU always answered the bell this year and their response to losing their QB was to play POSSESSED ON DEFENSE. It’s an absolute travesty that they were excluded from the CFP.”

“This is wrong, plain and simple.” 

What are your thoughts on the committee’s decision?

Did they get it right?

Or did Florida State (or possibly Georgia) deserve to be in the playoff field?

Who will end up winning the national championship???