Alex Smith Drools Over Brock Purdy, But Is He A One-Hit Wonder??

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who spent seven seasons with the team, expressed his confidence in the future of current quarterback Brock Purdy.

Despite not having played under Kyle Shanahan, Smith believes he has seen enough of the young QB to vouch for his abilities and potential within the Niners organization.

Smith’s praise for Purdy’s mental attributes came during an interview with Jack Hammer of Inside the 49ers. He highlighted Purdy’s adaptability and sharpness during the limited opportunities he had to showcase his skills on the field.

“In our interview process, and the Combine, and all the weird tests you take, they haven’t really found a great way to quantify that,” Smith said. “And I think Brock showed he’s got it right between the ears. It’s not too big for him.”

“This is a guy I know didn’t get many reps in training camp. He finally got back up to number two, so he’s running the scout team. You’re still not getting many reps. And then to step in and just operate the way he did, it wasn’t too big. You could see him dial in.”

Having impressed during his breakout year in 2022, Brock Purdy’s progress was derailed by a major injury. However, reports indicate that the young quarterback’s recovery has been smooth, and he should be ready to start the new season for the 49ers.

Throughout his career, Alex Smith experienced the intricacies of the 49ers’ system firsthand and understands the demands placed on quarterbacks within the organization. He believes Purdy possesses the qualities necessary to succeed in the role, beyond mere physical attributes.

“And I know, in that system, there’s a lot on the quarterback’s plate, from a processing standpoint, and I think he showed enough that, absolutely, he’s got it. And again, height, 40, arm strength, that stuff really is secondary at the NFL level, and I think he’s got the things that you’re looking for to win sustainably. Again, accuracy, timing, and processing,” Smith commented.

With expectations building around the young QB, all eyes will be on Purdy as he returns to the field – especially considering the fact that San Francisco has arguably the best roster top-to-bottom in the league.

Do you think Purdy is the real deal? Or is he just a one-hit wonder who the league will figure out?

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