Aaron Rodgers Says Dak Prescott Is Now Among His Favorite Quarterbacks To Watch

NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, while on his regular segment on “The Pat McAfee Show” this Tuesday, shared some high praise for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Rodgers, currently in the midst of rehabilitating from an injury, has had the opportunity to watch more NFL games than usual this season. He expressed particular admiration for Prescott’s performance, stating, “He’s become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch.”

Rodgers, reflecting on Tom Brady’s recent remarks about the general mediocrity in the game, pointedly excluded Prescott from that category. He emphasized, “Dak is not who [Brady] was talking about, for a number of reasons.” Rodgers commended Prescott not just for his skillful throws, but for his comprehensive mastery of the quarterback role. This includes his understanding of protections and adjustments, as well as his innovative use of cadence.

“I love the way he’s playing and I love the way he’s really playing,” Rodgers reiterated. He was impressed by Prescott’s ability to handle everything at the line of scrimmage and his creative cadence techniques.

Prescott’s recent performances have been nothing short of remarkable. In the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving victory over the Washington Commanders, he threw for 331 yards and four touchdowns. Over the past six games, Prescott has racked up 18 touchdowns with only two interceptions, leading the Cowboys to a stellar 5-1 record. His dynamic play has not only captivated fans but also garnered respect from one of his distinguished peers, Aaron Rodgers.