Aaron Rodgers Hilariously Calls Out Bucs Defender’s Bluff in Mic’d Up Practice Session (VIDEO)

Aaron Rodgers is an experienced player, and he knows how to anticipate moves by other teams.

In a recent video shared by the New York Jets, Rodgers can be seen practicing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Just before starting a play, he spotted a Bucs player preparing to charge. But Rodgers humorously told him, “You’re not coming. Back up.” Surprisingly, the Bucs player listened and moved back just before the play started.

Last year, Rodgers and his team faced a setback when they were removed from the playoffs after losing a match to the Lions. That match turned out to be his last with that team, as he moved to the Jets this year.

Rodgers is quite excited about joining the Jets, a team aiming for big wins. Last season, he achieved 3,695 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions in 17 games. With such performance, the Jets are hopeful for a better season ahead.

This video is a testament to why the Jets were eager to have him on board.