Aaron Nola Agrees To Seven-Year Contract With Philadelphia Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — Aaron Nola, a standout pitcher in Phillies history, solidified his place in the team’s legacy by signing a seven-year deal worth $172 million, as announced by the Phillies on Sunday.

The 30-year-old Nola, already one of the franchise’s greatest pitchers, is now positioned to further enhance his legacy. The deal is set to keep him in a Phillies uniform through the 2030 season, completing 16 seasons with the team. This places him in elite company, with only Mike Schmidt having played more seasons in Philadelphia, totaling 18 from 1972 to 1989.

The Phillies’ commitment to Nola is fueled by their aspirations for a World Series win, and a formidable rotation is crucial for this quest. The 2024 rotation, featuring Zack Wheeler and now Nola, alongside Ranger Suárez, Taijuan Walker, and Cristopher Sánchez, has the potential to be one of the strongest in baseball. In the previous season, the Phillies’ rotation led the MLB with a 17.7 WAR, according to FanGraphs.

Nola’s dedication to the Phillies is rooted in the team being his home since he was drafted seventh overall in 2014. Despite a fluctuating performance in 2023, he expressed his commitment to finishing what he started with the organization.

While any multiyear deal for a pitcher involves risks, Nola’s postseason performance, with a 2.35 ERA and 23 strikeouts in 23 innings, alleviated concerns arising from his regular-season numbers. Over the past six seasons, Nola’s consistency and performance rank among the best in baseball, solidifying his place among the top free-agent starting pitchers.

The Phillies and Nola’s camp initially discussed a contract extension during Spring Training, but talks broke down. Nola’s camp sought over $200 million, and the Phillies paused negotiations until after the season. Sunday’s agreement reflects the Phillies’ commitment to retaining Nola, making it the largest contract for any pitcher in the team’s history.

Despite this significant commitment, the Phillies are not halting their pursuit of upgrades. Sources suggest continued interest in Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a two-time Pacific League MVP and three-time Sawamura Award winner. To accommodate Yamamoto, the Phillies may need to shed payroll elsewhere. The pursuit of bullpen upgrades and potential offensive additions, including a pipe dream trade for Mike Trout, remains on the Phillies’ agenda.

Nola’s reliability on the mound makes him a cornerstone in the Phillies’ strategy to secure a World Series trophy. He currently ranks 19th among Phillies players with 31.7 WAR, standing alongside legendary pitchers in the franchise’s history. Robin Roberts, Carlton, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Cole Hamels, and Curt Schilling are the only pitchers with higher WAR totals.