Aaron Hernandez’s QB Brother Arrested For Planning School Shootings

Dennis John “D.J.” Hernandez, the older brother of late football star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, was arrested for allegedly plotting shootings on two New England college campuses.

The arrest, which marked his fourth this year, sent shockwaves through the Connecticut community and raised concerns about his well-being.

Hernandez was a star high school football player in the state and went on to play quarterback and wide receiver for the UConn Huskies.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by WFSB, police received reports indicating that Hernandez was planning attacks at Brown University and the University of Connecticut.

One witness, believed to be Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend, provided a chilling account to the authorities, stating that he had borrowed her car on July 7 under the guise of attending a court date.

Instead, he drove to the UConn and Brown campuses to “map the schools out,” the statement revealed.

“[Hernandez] said that ‘he has a bullet for everyone,'” the witness disclosed, expressing her belief that Hernandez was “extremely sick.”

Shortly after this incident, on July 19, Hernandez allegedly made a series of threatening posts on social media, causing further alarm. In one of the posts, he wrote, “‘Will I kill? Absolutely. I’ve warned my enemies so pay upfront.'”

In another disturbing rant, Hernandez specifically took aim at UConn where Hernandez was once a hero…

“UConn program is going to pay unless I have a package deal and I get my estate and every single thing I have worked for,” he wrote.

“I’m prepared to give my life so if I don’t get to see you on the outside know I love you always. Not all shootings are bad I’m realizing. Some are necessary for change to happen.”

In response to these concerning developments, officers arrested Hernandez at his home later that day. Due to his history of fleeing from the police, a substantial law enforcement presence was utilized to confront him.

Notably, two young children were safely removed from the scene by their mother before the arrest was made, as noted in the police statement.

Hernandez’s behavior during the arrest was alarming, as he reportedly shouted multiple times for officers to shoot him before they subdued him with a Taser. Following his apprehension, he was taken to the hospital, where he continued to make threats and verbally attacked anyone who profited off his late brother’s name, including ESPN.

He now faces charges of second-degree breach of peace and physical threats, according to the Bristol Police Department. Hernandez is being held on a $250,000 bond by the Department of Correction.

The situation has brought attention to the troubled history of both Hernandez brothers.

D.J., in his 2018 book, “The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother,” revealed that both he and Aaron endured physical abuse from their father during their upbringing.

The Hernandez family’s connection to violence and tragedy goes back to 2013 when Aaron Hernandez was arrested and later convicted of the murder of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.

The promising New England Patriots tight end’s life took a dark turn, and on April 19, 2017, facing life without parole and accusations of involvement in other murders, he took his own life in prison.

Needless to say, this is a sad situation all around.

Aaron’s actions speak for themself. However, D.J. was a respected leader during his time at UConn and beyond. These recent developments involving him mark a frightening turn for someone many people thought they knew.