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4 Exciting Predictions for LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels in the 2023 Season

4 Exciting Predictions for LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels in the 2023 Season
(Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

In the 2022 season, under new coach Brian Kelly, LSU showed resilience by recording 10 wins despite a rocky start. They had a promising beginning with a 4-0 run but experienced a setback in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic when Tulane managed a surprising comeback. Later, they overcame Georgia’s defense in the SEC Championship Game but ultimately were defeated. However, they shone bright against Purdue in the Citrus Bowl, setting several records with a 63-7 victory.

Quarterback Jayden Daniels, a transfer from Arizona State, is set to return for 2023. He’s part of an impressive LSU 2023 recruitment class, which ranks fifth on 247Sports. Additionally, Denver Harris, a talented cornerback from Texas A&M, committed to the team in December.

So, what can we expect from Daniels for the upcoming season? Here are some bold predictions:

  1. Daniels will secure at least 30 touchdowns. Last season, Daniels recorded 17 passing touchdowns and 11 rushing ones. After an impressive performance against Florida, LSU’s offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock commented on Daniels’ growing comfort with the team’s strategy. “Year two allows him a comfort level… he’s given opportunities where they’re needed — and being smart with the football at the same time,” Denbrock mentioned during a press conference.
  2. Daniels will be among the SEC’s top 3 for total passing yards. Last season, Daniels achieved 2,913 passing yards, securing seventh place in the SEC. With returning receiver Malik Nabers, who led the SEC in total receptions, Daniels might just climb to the top three.
  3. A spot on an All-SEC Team for Daniels is on the cards. Many notable players from different teams bagged spots on the All-SEC teams last year. With 11 LSU players, including Daniels, making it to the 2023 Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams, there’s a high chance for him to get recognized.
  4. Daniels will lead LSU to the SEC Championship Game. The road to the championship is challenging with formidable opponents like Florida State, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Texas A&M. However, if LSU can maintain their momentum, especially early in their SEC games, a spot in the championship might be within reach.


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