$230 Million Man Deshaun Watson Refused To Play Sunday Despite Being Medically Cleared

Something fishy is going on in Cleveland.

After trading the house for Deshaun Watson and giving him a massive fully-guaranteed five-year, $230 million contract, the Browns were hoping that he could lead them to glory.

However, it’s been anything but smooth sailing for Watson and company.

Many were surprised when news came out that Watson was unavailable to play in the Browns rivalry game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

The hope and feeling was that their leader was going to be good to go, which is why there was great confusion when he wasn’t. 

As it turns out, Watson was medically cleared to play, however, he decided to hold himself out of the crucial game. He felt his shoulder wasn’t where it needed to be.

It’s a decision that undoubtedly raised eyebrows in Cleveland’s locker room. 

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski confirmed that Watson had indeed received medical clearance to play – but decided to sit out. 

“He knows his body. He’s played through serious pain before. Very, very serious injuries … It wasn’t a matter of pain tolerance or anything. He just did not feel like he had his full faculties,” Stefanski said.

Stefanski revealed that the coaching staff was in the dark until pregame warmups about Watson’s availability for the game.

“We listed him as questionable. He didn’t throw all week, and we had to get to the game, that was going to be the first time he was going to throw to see, ultimately, how he felt,” Stefanski explained.

As Nick Karns pointed out, something is off…

Watson’s decision to sit out had a significant impact on the game’s outcome. The Browns had to turned to rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson – who ended up struggling mightily.

Cleveland would go on to be blown out 28-3. Thompson-Robinson’s debut performance was a disaster, as he threw three interceptions and suffered four sacks. 

Ironically, Stefanski made sure to praise David Njoku for playing through his injury (burns, actually).

“The way he played to me was unbelievable with what he went through … Warrior … Picked up his teammates, impressive to watch,” Stefanski said.

Stefanski going out of his way to say words like that is no coincidence. It’s clear that he’s unhappy that Watson didn’t play – especially on a day where so many quarterbacks across the league gutted through their injuries to be there for their team.

Is trouble brewing in Cleveland?

What do you make of the situation?